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Discover the Tranquil Beauty of the RiverWalk

RiverWalk Lighthouse

The town of Sleepy Hollow is joining other communities along the Hudson River to create a massive park system that will revitalize the property along the Hudson River. The entire project will take several years but eventually will connect New York City to Albany. The completed RiverWalk will extend a total of 51.5 miles and connect 14 Westchester municipalities.

Sleepy Hollow RiverWalk is a historical development that transforms the Hudson Shoreline in the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow areas. It takes property that has been inaccessible for over 100 years and turns it into an open community space. Edge-on-Hudson is the driving force behind this multi-million dollar project. 


The Sleepy Hollow RiverWalk is located on a property that was once home to General Motors. The American motor company maintained operations on the property from 1915 to 1996. When the GM facilities closed, the property became neglected. It took several years, but through diligent efforts, the coastline is seeing new life. 

Phase One

The first phase of this five-year project is complete and open for community use. This beautiful park revitalizes the area along the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow. You can access the waterfront area at River Street and make your way as far north as the Sleepy Hollow lighthouse. The park brought life to the 60 acres of property that includes the park, residential use, grocery store, restaurants, and more. The famous landscape architect Nelson Byrd Woltz is responsible for designing the park. This brings international recognition to the project. 

Phase Two

With phase one complete, phase two is underway for 2023. This part of the project includes plans to extend the Sleepy Hollow Park further north to Kingsland Point Park. Two projects are planned to define the phase two development of the project, the Promenade and Overlook. 


The Promenade is a modern take on the traditional promenades that were popular in the early years of New York. It also pays homage to the abundant Fordham Gneiss geology found underground in the area. It will be a network of walking paths with plazas and lawns for recreation throughout. 


The other half of phase two is the Overlook. It will be an amphitheater-style seating venue. It will be the perfect place for hosting concerts and performances. It will have breathtaking views of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge and Manhattan. 


Several amenities are planned as part of this massive mixed-use park project. Plans include a waterfront restaurant, the area’s first waterfront hotel, a pier, and a DeCicco & Sons Market. Several athletic fields will be added to the grounds to serve the community. 

  • Combo baseball, lacrosse, and soccer field 
  • Volleyball lawn 
  • Tennis courts 

Visitors and locals alike will also have access to several community-use areas. These include a community garden, pollinator garden, and picnic field. Children will love the multiple play areas. These will consist of a sledding hill, sand pit, logs, and rock scramble. 

Finally, the walking and bicycle paths intersect throughout the park and connect it to the neighboring parks. The bicycle path extends from Beekman Ave to Riverside Drive. 

How to Visit 

If you would like to visit the portion of RiverWalk that is currently open, you can park at one of the metered parking spots along the adjacent village streets. Several parking lots are available at Pierson Park. The park is open from dawn to 11 pm daily. These are the same hours that the connecting Tarrytown Park is open. 

You can easily drive to the RiverWalk from the Sleepy Hollow Hotel. The park is less than two miles away. 


Book your stay at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel and experience the beauty of the scenic Hudson Riverwalk for yourself.