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Yankee Stadium: A Must-Visit Destination for Sports Enthusiasts

Yankee Stadium

Located in the Bronx is an American institution, the Yankee Stadium. This horseshoe-shaped stadium was the first of its kind. For sports enthusiasts, it is a must-visit. However, you don’t need to love baseball to appreciate this iconic stadium's history and American cultural significance. 


The property for the stadium was purchased from William Waldorf Astor for $675,000 in 1923. The original design of the stadium had a seating capacity of 58,000. The original stadium stood open until 2008. It received a renovation in the 1970s due to its deteriorating condition. In 2009, a new stadium was opened. The current stadium seats 52,000 spectators. 

Take a Tour 

Several tour options are available to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the stadium. Purchase a game ticket, and you can take a public tour. These include a classic and pregame tour. The Hands-On History Tour lets you hold a piece of baseball history. You could even take a picture with priceless Yankee artifacts. 

If you visit during the Yankees Spring Training, you can sign up for the Inside Experience. It includes an exclusive meet and greet with former and current Yankee players. You can also stick around for a spring training home game. 

New York Yankees Museum 

Take a walk through time at the Yankees Museum. This museum is more than just baseball; it is a piece of American history. Permanent exhibits include a baseball wall, world series trophies, world series rings, and Thurman Munson’s locker. The museum also hosts featured exhibits highlighting a particular player, event, or time in baseball history. 

Monument Park

The Monument Park is a separate exhibit from the museum. It is beyond the center field fence. Here you will find monuments, plaques, and retired numbers. 


Gone are the days of a hot dog being your only meal option at the ballpark. Yankee Stadium has several gourmet quality options on the food concourse. The stadium has partnerships with many well-known restaurant establishments. For example, Streetbird by Marcus Samuelsson, Bobby Flay’s “Bobby’s Burgers,” Lobel’s, Mighty Quinn’s, City Winery, The Halal Guys, Benihana, and Wings of New York are all present. 

A unique component of the stadium food is the local aspect. The Yankee Stadium Tower Garden supplies many of the lettuce and herbs used throughout the stadium. 

Stadium Seating 

If you want to attend a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, then you need to know where to sit. The lower level is field level seats. These seats put you at eye level with the action. Main level seats are the next level up. These give you a more expansive view of the field. If you want a rowdy experience, consider purchasing bleacher seats. Be prepared for your seat to be a bench with no seat back. 

Moving up the stadium, terrace level seats are higher but give you a great field view. Finally, grandstand level seats are the third and highest level. These are the most affordable but are also the most removed from the action. 

If you want a luxury experience, purchase a Legends suite seat. These premium seats have a private entrance, a prime location, inclusive food and drinks, and concierge service. Several suite options are available, including champion suites, Delta Sky360 suites, Jim Beam suits, Ford field MVP club, and luxury suites. There are also several group event suite accommodations. 

How to Visit 

When staying at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel, you are about twenty miles and a 25-minute drive from Yankee Stadium, and for added convenience, the train station, located just one mile from the hotel, offers a direct route to the stadium during games, making it the perfect day trip to see one of the nation’s most iconic stadiums.

The museum is free to visit with the purchase of a game ticket. It opens 90 minutes before the game starts and closes at the end of the 8th inning. 

Book your stay at the Sleepy Hotel and enjoy a peaceful stay when in town for the next Yankees game.