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Discovering Lyndhurst Mansion: A Must-Visit Near Sleepy Hollow Hotel

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Your stay at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel can be rich in American culture and history. Less than a mile from the hotel is one of the finest examples of American Gothic Revival architecture. The Lyndhurst Mansion is a three-minute drive or a 15-minute walk, making it a must-see for your trip


Before the extravagant home construction of the Gilded Age, Alexander Jackson Davis designed Lyndhurst Mansion in 1838. George Merritt bought the estate in 1864. He greatly expanded the house, adding more grandeur. During this time, the property was named Lyndenhurst. 

Jay Gould bought the estate in 1880 as a family home away from his life as a railroad tycoon. His daughter Helen carried on her father’s development of the grounds, added several buildings, and pursued many philanthropic endeavors. After Helen passed away, her younger sister Anna opened the home to the American Red Cross for the convalescences of soldiers during World War II. After the war, she bequeathed the entire estate to the National Trust for Historic Preservation. In 1965 the estate opened its doors as a museum and historic site. 

Mansion Tours 

Several tours are available that give you a unique inside look at the Lyndhurst Mansion. The Classic Tour is the perfect place to start if it is your first visit to the mansion. This one-hour tour walks you through two floors and gives you a great introduction to the mansion and its artwork. The Upstairs/Downstairs Tour lets you see what life was like for the family and those working for them. The seasonal tours are also a can’t miss event with elegantly appointed decorations throughout the home. Choose from one of these tours for your visit. 

  • Classic 
  • Lyndhurst Ramble 
  • Upstairs/Downstairs
  • Inside/Outside 
  • Art Matters 
  • Fall Classic 
  • Holiday Classic 

Explore the Grounds 

The Lyndhurst grounds are 67 acres, creating plenty to see without going inside the house. If you visit the estate without purchasing a tour ticket, it is $10 per car to enter. In addition to the Mansion, there are separate buildings for the swimming pool, bowling alley, laundry facility, greenhouse, and rose cottage. The carriage house and later car complex house the welcome center, gift shop, exhibition gallery, and offices. 

In addition to the buildings, several notable sites are along the paths throughout the property. A fern garden dating back to the 1860s is one of the first things you will see when entering the property. Other sites worth visiting include the Camperdown Elm and Boy With Duck Fountain. There are several rockeries throughout the property where you can sit and relax under the shade of the trees. They are designed to look like Central Park in New York City. Finally, next to the greenhouse, you will find the rose garden. Its concentric circle design features more than 500 roses. 


Several events take place throughout the open season at the Lyndhurst Mansion. From art exhibits to concert series, it is the perfect romantic setting to experience art and culture. You can check the Mansion’s calendar to see what will occur during your visit. The Spring Flower Show and the Summer Sunset Jazz Concert Series are notable events.  

Museum Shop

Take a memento home with you by visiting the Museum Shop inside the former Carriage House. You will find an eclectic selection of Lyndhurst-themed items, fine jewelry, apparel, seasonal items, and locally crafted goods. 

How to Visit 

The Lyndhurst grounds are open seasonally from April through December. You must purchase a grounds pass in advance online for any day of the week. If you want to take a tour, it’s best to purchase online in advance to ensure the one you want is offered while you are visiting. 

Book your stay at the Sleepy Hollow Hotel and discover the beauty of the Lyndhurst Mansion.